Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Necessity of Scriptures and Learning

Scriptures are necessary. I feel better when I read them early in the day and they give me a little bit of structure because I try each week to finish the section of scriptures that will be discussed in Sunday School the next Sunday. If the Baby wakes up earlier than usual or if I sleep a little late, then he gets to read with me, I think he enjoys hearing my voice because he will sit quietly and reach out and touch the page, it is quite precious.

Learning is necessary, I feel like I have so much to learn, but I don’t feel horribly overwhelmed. I feel like if I put forth the effort I will be able to attain the knowledge I need. I try to read and search for things on the Internet, I ask lots of questions of other new moms; so far I have discovered I have a very unique, smart and fabulous baby.

I have also rediscovered that I like to learn, I love to find out new things I love to feel and see how new knowledge works its way into my life, making it better, helping me to help others. I have rediscovered my love of sociology and psychology as I have tried to learn why my Baby does what he does and how I can help him to learn to do what he needs to do- like nap! I am excited for the future and someday I know I will go back to school, that thought is quite exciting to me right now, I just know I can do it, as long as I remember that I love learning.

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