Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Boy and His food

At the end of May the baby had his first taste of real food- it was a Grasshopper Cookie. According to the Cookie Dealer- the baby liked it. It made for some cute pictures.Last week the baby was given the OK from his doctor to start Solid Food. He is a good eater, savoring each and every ounce of his bottles, sometimes even crying for more. I had a feeling that he was ready for solid foods, he had recently discovered chewing and enjoyed it so much that he had all but given up on pacifiers because they were no fun to chew on. I think my feeling was right.

He started solids on Saturday July 19th. The first feeding went as well as it could go, a spoon, full of cereal, in the mouth, a spoonful of cereal pushed back out. A spoon, half full of cereal, in the mouth, a trickle of cereal out of the mouth, and so on and so forth until we had a cute picture and a baby that was ready for a bottle. During the second feeding I got very good at positioning the spoon so that it would catch the majority of the cereal that would find its way back out. We also realized that the baby needed somewhere to sit while he ate, the corner of the couch just wasn't cutting it. The next Monday he had some more cereal. The baby and I were both learning. This time I made the cereal a little thicker and learned how position the spoon just right. The baby was keeping his tongue down and sometimes even trying to close his mouth on the spoon. Much less food was coming back out of his mouth and he seemed to be really enjoying the food that was staying in, even opening his mouth for more. Tuesday’s feedings were very similar but this time he started to grab at the spoon.
Wednesday the baby caught me by surprise and got the spoon away from me, so I decided while he was distracted I would find the camera. It is kind of hard to feed him cereal with one hand and take pictures with the other, but I did it.
As I hope you can see, the baby likes food.

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