Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Necessity of Prayer and Cuddling

Prayer is necessary. When we first brought the baby home it was needed almost every hour of the day and night. I was scared, I had no Idea what I was doing, my baby made noises, my baby didn’t make noise, my baby was hungry but my baby would not eat, I was afraid that my baby would never go to sleep and sometimes I was afraid that he would wake up and have needs that I wouldn’t be able to meet. And so I would pray, I would pray that I could be a good Mom and I would feel at peace- I still didn’t know how to be a good Mom but at least I knew that God knew I had that desire, and I knew that he had given me a feeling of peace, and I felt OK. I would pray that my baby would not have problems sleeping, that he would be safe while he slept, I prayed that he would nap during the day and eventually I prayed that he would sleep longer so that I could sleep longer too. Each individual prayer was not immediately answered. But looking back I can say they have been answered, by 3 months he was pretty good at taking short naps during the day and was sleeping 10-11 hours at night, of course there were always one or two little wake ups in the night but he was always able to go back to sleep. The new sleep prayer is that he will learn how to roll back over on his own so that I wont have to go into his room and flip him back over.

Cuddling is necessary, both with the Baby and with Ken. There is just something wonderful about a good cuddle. It says, I love you, you are special, and you mean the world to me. Who doesn’t need to hear those things every once and a while, and who wouldn’t love to hear then every day.

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