Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Little Miss E, 3 Months times 3

E doesn't rhyme with 9 Months, but 9 months old she is!
 She also had a Well Child Check today (and as you can tell from the pictures) she is Practically Perfect in Every Way! Her skin is clearing quite nicely, she can roll, sit up and scoot/shimmy on her bum. She is even starting to rock back and forth on her hands and knees. She just cut her 3rd tooth- top left front- and the second top tooth will be cutting soon. She sleeps amazingly well and plays well with others!
 She has a 50th percentile head. She is 29 inches tall, which puts her in the 92nd percentile for height and she weighs 19 # 13 oz, which puts her in the 70th percentile for weight. 
The baby's infant car seat will accommodate a child who weighs up to 30 pounds and is 30 inches tall. Well, she's no where near the weight limit, but at 29 inches tall the doctor said "So, it's time to start looking into getting a new car seat" and I was able to say "Already done!" and now, I guess, I will install it tomorrow.
Both the boys turned forward facing in their car seats at a year old. But baby E enjoys watching her brothers so much that I decided to let her stay rear facing until she's two, or maybe longer. In this seat she can ride rear facing until she is 36 inches tall and or 35 pounds, I'm guessing it will be her height that forces her to turn around. If I had had this car seat for the boys, and if I had let them meet the height/weight limit before flipping them around, they would have turned forward facing right around their 2nd birthdays. At 9 months J was 29 inches tall- just like E. B was 30 inches tall at 9 months. So I guess we will see if she continues to keep up with her brothers in the height department.

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Lisha said...

She looks a lot like her daddy!