Tuesday, August 19, 2014

B had a Birthday, Shout Hooray!

 The day before B's 4th birthday we had our family celebration at Grandma Turners house. B was in heaven!
 He was showered with love and gifts perfect for him, books, fire trucks, punching bags, sticker books, train tracks. He was a happy happy boy. THEN he got to eat as much frosting as he wanted.
 The next day he got to have a birthday party. He invited 4 of his friends from the neighborhood- Cousin Craig and Jared also got to come to the party. Craig actually slept over on Sunday night so that he would be there for the party on Monday morning. We borrowed a bounce house from a neighbor. There was a thunderstorm on Monday morning but not having the bounce house was not an option, SO I moved just enough furniture from the front room to make enough space for the bounce house. The kids LOVED IT!
 We love our little B. He is so very sweet and tender. He brings joy to my life every day. One of the things I love about him is that he thinks that he's sneaky, he will crouch down and sneak around the house. I'm sure in his mind if he's crouching then we can't see him. He's got spunk, that little B.
 Last year, while the Turner family was together at Bear Lake, B took it upon himself to make sure the family understood that we should NOT cross the tracks. It's just not safe, because a train might hit you. Two or three weeks ago I took B to the Historic Train Station here in Lehi. I was hoping to get some family pictures taken, and given that my boys LOVE TRAINS I thought taking the pictures at the train station would be fun. B told me that day that he would not cross the tracks or sit on the tracks, ever. Well, as you can see, we got the pictures taken and after only a short time there at the station, B finally started to believe us that these particular tracks are not used very often anymore.
 Today B had his 4 year old Well Child Check. He is 42 & 3/4 inches tall (3 & 1/2 feet) and 44 pounds. He's a solid kid. Lots of muscle and just enough baby fluff to make him super fun to cuddle with.  Our Pediatrician was very impressed by how well B is able to express himself. He can be a little chatterbox at times- especially if you mention trains.

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