Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I let them eat cake!

I like cake. If cake had no calories, I would eat it constantly. I bet there is cake in heaven.

So, for B's birthday he wanted a "train cake", and I knew that by "train cake" he meant Thomas. 
I also know my boy and I know that he doesn't actually eat cake very often. 99% of the time he eats the frosting off the cake and then leaves the sad, naked piece of cake alone, on the table. OH THE SHAME!
Knowing that he wouldn't want to eat the cake I made the command decision that he would have no input into the flavor of the cake. So this beautiful Thomas cake was LEMONY! Thomas's face was actually a 6 in inch paper plate, frosted with strawberry frosting ( the cupcakes for his party were frosted with this grey strawberry frosting) and after he blew out his candles I removed the plate and presented it with all it's frosting goodness to the birthday boy. He ate about 1/3rd maybe 1/2 of it, and then he was done. Happy and done. 
 Back in March, I made a DELICIOUS Chocolate Mint Pirate Cake. Chocolate Mint for me, Pirate for J. Sorry Ken, maybe I'll let you choose the birthday cake flavor next year :)
 I was quite pleased with how the pirate ship turned out. It wasn't too hard to make. Two 9x13 cakes, I'd never taken a rectangular cake out of the pan before- only round cakes, and so I was a little leery of how that whole process would go. But I think it was actually easier to get the rectangular cake out of the pan! Then I froze the cakes. Cut the appropriate corners off and a little bit out of the center of the top cake, I then popped that center piece up on the back and TA DA!  (once it's frosted) It's a ship! A delicious, delicious ship........Maybe the baby needs a chocolate mint birthday cake. 
And with that last comment, I realize that I'm going to be making another birthday cake this year! AAAAHHHH We now have a November Birthday! So I guess you'll see that post then :)

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