Saturday, August 2, 2014

If you Give a Boy a Camera

If you give a boy a camera..........He'll want to take some pictures with it.
He'll take a picture of his bedroom.....
 Then he'll see his sister, he'll take a picture of her too. 

 He'll remember that he really likes taking pictures of his sister and he'll take SEVEN more!

Then he'll get tired. He'll lay down. He'll take some pictures of the ceiling.

 When his sister tries to take the camera away from him, he'll take some more pictures of her.
 As he's trying to get the camera away from his sister, he'll see the door mat, it's orange, he likes things that are orange. He'll take a picture of it. 
That will tire him out again, he'll lay back down and take some more pictures of the ceiling. 
 Laying on the floor will make him feel like contemplating life, the universe and everything. While he's not paying attention, his sister will try to attack him again.
 He'll take a picture of the corner of the table
 and then some more pictures of the ceiling.
 and then some more pictures of the baby.
 He'll go find his Mommy, because he remembered
she's making pizza. He likes pizza.
 Seeing the Pizza will remind him that he's thirsty. He'll get a cup, it's orange, he likes things that are orange.
He'll take a picture of it.
 After he finishes his drink, he'll remember that he has a brother. He'll go outside to find him. He'll document his journey with some more picture.
 His brother is playing with some friends.
 The friends have front steps just like ours! He'll take a picture of them. 
 The boys will get thirsty, they'll need some water.
 The water will get spilled. No one will try to clean it up. He'll take a picture of it.
 He'll see a car.
 And then he'll see his feet.
 Wait, is that a bush? He'll take six pictures of it.
 He'll start walking home. He'll document his journey.
It's a long journey. He see's his Dad! 
 He'll take a picture.
 When Dad see's him taking a picture, he'll ask for the camera back.
And chances are, when Dad asks the boy to give him the camera, he'll probably take one last picture with it.
As you can see, Little B got a hold of our camera yesterday. He had the camera for 10 minutes. His first picture was taken at 4:04 PM and the last picture was taken at 4:14. He took 85 pictures. I love that boy. He turns 4 in a couple of days- So be ready to see lots of fun Birthday Pictures (mostly taken by Ken or Me, but who knows, we might just give that cute little kid the camera and let him document his own birthday)

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