Wednesday, January 29, 2014

And this is my Beloved

Here she is, She's 10 weeks old! It's slightly warm sweet baby and I are wearing spring clothes today. I can not tell you how much we all love this girl around here........

 .......but I can show you! Check out the toy that has been tied to the green triangle. That's Molly. Little B LOVES Molly, and he tied her to his baby sisters bouncy chair so that she could play with Molly too. It's that's not proof of pure love I don't know what is.

As soon as I typed the title of this post I started singing the song from Kismet, so I figured I'd share a bit of that too, since it fits our baby girl pretty well. My hope is that she will always know and feel how much she is loved, and that it never goes to her head!

Dawn's promising skies
Petals on a pool drifting
Imagine these in one pair of eyes
And this is my beloved
All that can stir All that can stun
All that's for the heart's lifting
Imagine these in one perfect one
And this is my beloved
And this is my beloved

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