Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Brand New Year!

It's January 8th! We survived the first 7 days of this Brand New Year and things are looking good for the rest of the year too! Here's some of the highlights from the beginning of January. 

Last March I won some "Perfect Tortilla" pans, and 10 months later....J and I used them! It was J's idea, he wanted to eat the shaped tortilla as part of his lunch. 
 As you can see, his lunch was a shaped tortilla full of cheese, he is a young man with fine taste. I guess he invented the "Cheese Tostada". The boys both LOVE cheese and quite often J will ask for a bowl full of shredded cheese. I think this was the first time I actually gave him as much cheese as he wanted.

We made some more shaped tortillas for our dinner and we had Taco Salad. It was really really good. I have the thought in my head to add some cinnamon sugar to a tortilla when we bake it and put ice cream inside.......we shall see if that idea ever comes to fruition.

 This little girl has been awake more during the day. And she has been happy for the majority of that awake time, which is very, very nice for me. Baby E is now 7 weeks old and in my opinion, though she still has her fussy times, she is now on the tail end of the period of infant fussiness! YAY! (I don't know if that time when babies, between 2 and 6 weeks old, are fussy in the evening has a I've named it TPOIF- the period of infant fussiness). As I type this she is having tummy time- which she hates- so she is once again fussing. BUT most of the time, when she's awake, she looks like this! What a cute girl she is! I love her SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!

She won't have her 2 month doctors appointment for a couple more weeks but I've already started making my list of questions for the doctor. 1- she seems to get a lot of nose bleeds. This isn't completely new to me, all of my babies have had nose bleeds but it seems to me like she gets them more often than her brothers did, 2 or 3 times per week. And 2- she burps up, just a little, hours after eating, it doesn't seem to make her too uncomfortable but there have been times that it definitely bothered her. Is it Reflux like B had? She's younger than B was when we started thickening his formula which pretty much fixed his reflux, 2 months younger than B was in fact so I'm leery of thickening her formula, basically because she is only 2 months old. So we will wait and ask the doctor what he thinks. I was mulling this over this morning. I rely a lot on what the doctor thinks is appropriate, if I was my mother or grandmother would I just do what I felt was right and what would work for my baby? I may have to think about this could be a future blog post.

 We went to the Dentist! At the dentist it was discovered that both J and I had cavities. Boooooooooo. So we get to go back to the dentist next week to fix that. J sat next to my head while the dentist was doing my check up, I have LOTS of silver fillings and J kept saying over and over and over again "Mom! I see lots of BLACK in your mouth, you have so many CAVITIES!!!!!" The dentist told J that they weren't cavities, but they were filings AND that he thought J would make a  good dentist some day. J quickly responded that he was going to be a Train Engineer.

Six months ago B had his first dental appointment, and he wanted nothing to do with the dentist. In fact at that appointment Ken had to sit in the dental chair with B on his lap and all that they did was raise the chair up and down and show B the dental tools. This time B happily sat in the chair, allowed them to clean his teeth and do every thing else that needed to be done- probably a good 30 minutes of sitting still, AMAZING. What a boy!
Well, I feel like I've gotten in the habit of creating blog posts around pictures. I will try to stop doing that- Pictures are cute and fun, but I feel like I've gotten out of the habit of actually WRITING posts. We will see if I can change this. There will still be pictures, you can be sure of that, but hopefully they will just add emphasis to the story of our lives.

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