Sunday, December 29, 2013

All I want for Christmas is Influenza A! (p.s. it's a photo dump)

That must have been what I said.....I mean, I got the flu, so I must have asked for it. And, I guess I did ask for it because I went to church! That's right......I, without my baby, went into a large yes, I asked for the flu. I was vaccinated though, so I really thought I was safe. Turns out, I wasn't :( So, here is a post about the last two weeks of our lives.

The weekend before I went to church, I took the boys out and they picked out their ornaments for this year- J picked out a Red Train! Go figure. You can see part of it in top left corner of the picture. J helped me pick out an ornament for the baby as well, a cute little cupcake (on the right), he then immediately started calling his sister Princess Cupcake, we think it's a nickname that's going to stick! B picked out a "Time Tunnel". If you don't know what a Time Tunnel is then you have clearly never watched "Dinosaur Train". Time Tunnels are what the dinosaurs on the dinosaur train travel through in order to get to the  different prehistoric eras. Do you see the time tunnel in this picture? It kind of looks like the Eiffel Tower- but B is convinced it's a Time Tunnel and who am I to try to convince him otherwise. I think they are all awesome choices.
 I didn't get a picture of my ornament from this year, and sadly I've put them all away- so I will just tell you what my ornament looks like- it's a cute little baby dressed up in a giraffe costume- in honor of the cute little baby that joined our family this year :) Ken has yet to pick out his 2013 ornament, I better remind him about that. (Ken, consider yourself reminded, you need a 2013 ornament!)

So then I went to church......and the next day I felt fine, but on Tuesday of the week before Christmas I woke up with a scratchy throat. On Wednesday I started to cough. That day was also the Jingle Jam at J's school and I was NOT going to miss that, so I went. I didn't cough on anyone. The baby slept the entire time, and B played at a new friends house. You've already seen the video, but here is a picture of my Cute J in line with some of his classmates, waiting to go up on stage. He was so excited to see me! It melted my heart.
 After the Jingle Jam I went to the store and bought myself some masks to wear whenever I was in contact with the baby. AND I bought a thermometer that we could use to monitor the baby and make sure she wasn't getting sick. The next day, Thursday, my cough got even worse, Ken set up a doctors appointment for me for Friday, but I was coughing so badly at times on Thursday that I would throw up after I was finally able to breath again. It reminded me a lot of the Bronchial Spasms I had 10 or 11 years ago and I was convinced I had a really bad case of Bronchitis. I would have gone to an urgent care facility that day but there just happened to be an Ice/Snow Storm raging that I stayed home.......until the afternoon after the storm was over, when I (with my mask to protect all innocent bystanders) took my children to Target, for 5 minutes tops, to pick up J's GLASSES!!!!!!!
 On Friday morning, after J got off to school, I took B and E up to my Parents house and waited for the time to go to my appointment at Ken's office clinic. While there the baby took a ride in a tiny sleigh :)
 And she also partook of some good Grandma cuddles. Then the baby and I went to my appointment. Little B stayed at Grandma's house, for which I am very grateful. He enjoyed that much more than he would have enjoyed hanging out with his Dad at his office.
 Baby E had lots of fun with her Daddy, she got to show off how cute she is and thank all his coworkers for the cute clothes and headbands they gave her :) While she was upstairs with Daddy entertaining all the ladies in Payroll and Commissions, I was down in the clinic being diagnosed with the Flu. I was positive for Influenza A to be exact. BUT I got a flu shot!!!!!! I protested. The flu shot doesn't protect you from all the strains of the flu, I was told. But I have a tiny baby, how do I protect her? I asked. Oh, up until about 6 weeks of age, baby's still have most of their mother's immunity, she should be fine. But, I got the flu, so that means I wasn't immune, I said. Yes.....yes that is true, wash your hands a lot, cough into a Kleenex, use hand sanitizer and wear your mask.
 So that was Friday Morning. I didn't have time after my appointment to pick up little B from Grandma's because I had to get home to meet J when he got home from school. I called up my Mom and told her that I had been diagnosed with the Flu and she offered to take both our boys for a few days. Ken took care of the baby and I for the entire weekend, making sure that we were both fed and that we both took long naps and slept as much as we possibly could each night. On Monday I was feeling better and I spent most of the day with the boys and the baby at my Mom's house. I took the baby into the doctor that day as well, I was worried that she had a burst eardrum....turns out the crust the kept showing up on her ear was a crusty eczema related rash. I'll take that over a burst eardrum any day!  I was still coughing but we decided to bring the boys home on Monday night. We had a pretty laid back Christmas Eve day and then enjoyed time with the entire Turner family for Christmas Eve Dinner...........Then we went home........and.........
 .........Santa Came! (oops, I forgot to rotate the picture)

It's amazing how excited a 3 year old can be about a new toothbrush! Good Call Santa!
 Santa brought me some amazing gifts too......or should I say KEN! I mean, I'm pretty sure I've got this whole "Santa" thing figured out, next year I'm going to try to catch him in the act and get some proof!
We had a very nice Christmas morning, B enjoyed reading a book about trains (thanks Grandma Wheeler)
 The boys enjoyed putting together the puzzles that they gave to each other.
 At Grandma and Grandpa Turners house I discovered the BIGGEST WHITMAN'S SAMPLER ever!!!!!
 Later in the week......while I still struggled to get over the stupid flu.....J used the giant magnet set that Grandma T gave the boys for Christmas, to write out 0 through 6. When I told him I needed a picture, he also added some of the AWESOME wooden toys that Grandpa T has given to the boys.
 Because Mommy doesn't think it's the best idea to hold her sweet baby all the time (like she wants too) Baby E has been discovering all the fun toys we have for active, learning, tummy time loving (or hating) babies around our house.
 This weekend (still not feeling like all the symptoms are gone- HOW LONG DO THEY LAST!!!!) the boys all got haircuts. J actually asked for a super short cut, B and Ken got their regular cuts, then all the boys dressed alike in red shirts and blue jeans. It's amazing to me how big my baby boys are getting. Ken is staying the same....if not getting younger!
 We also made Gingerbread cookies this weekend. J told me how to make gingerbread "You need Bread and you need to add Ginger!" So I let J and B help me make the dough, now they know that it takes a few more ingredients. That was yesterday. This morning we took out the very chilled dough and made lots and lots of cookies. I must say, they are soft and don't taste too bad, we may have to make some more next Christmas.
 And for the Grand Finale! Guess who started smiling (YES REAL SMILES) this weekend! She'll be 6 weeks old this coming Tuesday, so it's pretty much perfect timing. We love our sweet baby girl. And, it looks like, she loves us too! (She even loves me, the weird lady that has been wearing a mask for 1/3rd of her life.)
Hopefully I'll be able to get rid of this cough and the masks soon. But I'll keep wearing them (and washing my hands till they bleed, and rubbing hand sanitizer all over the exposed skin on my arms and changing my shirt whenever I realize that I coughed on my elbow or my shoulder rather than into a Kleenex) for as long as it takes. We've got to keep that cute little Angel as healthy as can be!

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