Thursday, December 5, 2013

Snow! It's pretty, it's fun to play in, but when it's falling......

.......just don't go anywhere.

Our first winter storm hit earlier this week. It just so happened to dump about 7 inches of snow in our area AND it dumped all this snow on the day that the baby had her 2 week checkup. Ken got J off to school that morning and then took B over to his preschool carpool a few minutes early so we could have 50 minutes to get to the doctors office. We got the baby all bundled up and headed off, into the snow. 

In our area we have small roads that run parallel to the freeways, they are called frontage roads. When we want to go up to the Salt Lake area we usually take the frontage road north for a few miles before getting on the freeway, because the closest freeway entrance to us is to the south and we really dislike backtracking. But on this day we decided to head for closer freeway entrance because the frontage road hadn't been plowed. As we got closer to the freeway we could see that it was pretty much at a dead stop. I told Ken that we should just try taking the frontage road and avoid that part of the freeway. So we turned around and headed north. As we approached the hill (which both the freeway and frontage road have to climb) we  noticed that several of the cars in front of us were getting stuck part of the way up the hill. This did not bode well, so we decided to turn around again and take our chances on the freeway, however slow it would be. As we once again approached the the freeway we got stuck in some more traffic, which was caused by even more cars getting stuck in the snow. It had been about 20 minutes since we left home and we were about 2/3rds of a mile away from home. If we ever did make it to the freeway, we would be quite late to the doctors appointment. Thank goodness for cell phones, we were able to call the doctors office and let them know that we were pretty much snowbound and reschedule, luckily they had an appointment available the next day, but it was pretty much at the same time as J had an appointment at the eye doctors. 

So Ken and I divided and conquered! I took the baby and B to the doctors and Baby E was pronounced practically perfect in every way. She now weighs 7 pounds 6 ounces. I predict that she will be out of newborn clothes within the next week or two if she keeps putting on weight like she has been. She's a pretty normal little 2 week old. She has tired to freak me out with a little bit of day/night confusion, but other than that our girl is quite an angel. 

At the eye doctor we found out that J needs glasses. We decided to have his eyes checked just to make sure he was okay, because we decided not carry vision insurance next year. So now we are in a rush to get him some glasses before this years insurance benefits run out. Next year I'm going to get Lasik, and that got me wondering, will we eventually get our kids Lasik? Before they depart on missions? Or do we just tell them that we don't know why they have bad eyes......they must have stared at the sun......and make them pay for their own Lasik!
So those are some random facts about the past couple of days. Today the boys played out in our back yard- they were both very excited to get all dressed up in their snow gear. We were blessed to receive a pair of snow pants that were just J's size from my Sister, J passed down his snow pants to B- I think both the boys are set for snow gear for the next 2 years- though we will probably need new snow boots next year, I had to glue J's back together this week. Do you see B trying to put his mitten/glove back on? He just couldn't figure those things out! He enjoyed about 10 minutes outside, with me helping him get his glove back on about 5 times. Then they both came back inside and we all enjoyed some hot chocolate.

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Julie McHood said...

Hey Kate! I just have to share...I always buy myself a "backup pair" of glasses from zenni optical. They are SUPER cheap (like $15 cheap). So if J needs glasses, you might consider checking them out. It's an online thing, and the glasses are made in China. You just need to know his prescription and his PD (pupil distance). Anyway....I've bought several pairs of glasses from them and they have all been great.