Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Our Christmas Tree- 2013

Last night we set up our Christmas tree. But before we started J got to hold his baby sister. He did very well and she let him hold her for about 5 minutes!
One of the first things the boys got out were the nativity sets. 
I love Christmastime! I've really enjoyed decorating our Christmas tree over the past 8 years that Ken and I have been married. I realized yesterday that I'm kind of particular about how it's decorated. We have a fake tree- it was cheap and so it has some "holes" where the limbs are kind of far apart. To make it look fuller I usually stuff the holes in the tree with extra garland, then I add extra lights and so on and so forth until the tree is practically perfect. For a few years I only put matching ornaments on the tree, but last year I decided that I wanted to let each family member pick out a new ornament each year- which meant that the ornaments would no longer ALL match.

As I set up the tree this year I decided I didn't care if the tree had holes in it- or looked fake. I also decided that I wanted to let the boys decorate the tree, I figured they would have fun. And they did! Sweet J jumped right in and started grabbing any ornaments he could find.
Part of my decision to let the boys do the majority of the decorating was because of the Baby, I expected her to be quite fussy, she wasn't though, she was quite happy in her swing.
Here's my happy little B! He enjoyed having his Daddy help him so that he could put some ornaments a little higher on the tree.
And here is what the tree looked like when we finished decorating last night.
This morning the boys "redecorated" the tree. Last night J told me that he was going to hang this plush angel toy....I told him not too, that it wasn't an ornament, he showed me her Halo and said "then why does she have this hanger on her head?" It told him it was her Halo....he looked at me like I was insane. The Angel is now on the tree.
Can you see how B redecorated? 
If you can't, check out the bottom of the tree, he moved as many of the ornaments to the bottom as possible. I'm not going to change a thing! This is quite possibly the most precious Christmas tree I've ever seen.

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