Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Two Months Old

The most beautiful girl in the world. That's what I think at least. She has, most definitely, stolen the hearts of everyone in the family. On Sunday this little girl turned 2 months old and today I took her to the doctors office for her 2 month appointment- So here are her STATS!

Weight 11 pounds 11 ounces (somewhere in the 70th percentile.....I left my chart upstairs)
Height 22 3/4 inches (somewhere in the 60th percentile, if I remember correctly)

For your information, the blanket she is photographed with in this picture is one that my Grandmother, Verna O Turner, made for my Aunt Susan. Susie found it this past summer and decided to give it to our little baby E. It matches the blessing dress that Baby E will wear in a few months, also made by her Great Grandma Turner, though that dress was made for the blessing of my baby sister, Wendy, in 1981.
Here are a few of the things that the doctor and I discussed about this precious girl.

1- Reflux- I admit, I was a bit anxious about the doctor visit today, because I knew I would need to tell the doctor that I'd been thickening the babies bottles. I started out by telling him that I felt slightly dangerous- because I had a little bit of knowledge, and I was acting on it and I hoped that I wasn't doing anything wrong and especially anything that would harm my baby. He told me that based on her symptoms (of spitting up 1-2 hours after eating) he would have recommended thickening her formula. I told him that I wasn't sure it was working- It had worked great for the first week, but she had started spitting up more over the past few days. He recommended thickening her formula even more.....SO, now we experiment and do our best to find her favorite thickness of milkshake!

2- Dry Skin- I explained that I had been putting lotion and eucerin on her at least once per day, if not multiple times a day and it seemed like her skin absorbs it and just gets dryer and dryer. The doctor said that she had "Dry Skin Plus" or "Utah Skin" which are his little nicknames for Eczema. That's what I thought, after all, her brothers had very similar skin issues, I don't remember them being as dry as she is. SO, we will now start her on her very own "Cuteness Enhancing Drugs" Hopefully the steroids will help get the eczema under control before she gets too itchy.

3- Sleeping- over the past 3 days she's started sleeping 6-7 hours in one stretch at night. We see a light at the end of the parental sleep deprivation tunnel. We want to get the eczema under control quickly because itchiness can sometimes make it hard to sleep, at least it made it hard for her brothers to sleep. After getting lots of shots today, and then trowing up a couple of times when she choked on the infant acetaminophen.... ....I'm thinking that she will probably take a break from long sleeping periods tonight.

I'm sure there was more, but I can't think of it write now, I will blame that sleep deprivation :)

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