Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Tulip Festival

On Monday we went to the Thanksgiving Point Gardens to see the Tulips. The boys were more excited about seeing cousin C than about the flowers. 
 They enjoyed running around, and going places where they probably shouldn't have gone. We had to chase them out of a flowerbed or two, which means that a great time was had by all!
 At one point I heard J scream and then jump away from something on the sidewalk. I then saw that the "Something" was a snake, just a small garden snake, but it was probably the first time that J has seen one and he was not pleased to have had the close encounter. Do you see it?

 In the coming years there will be a sculpture garden with different sculptures of Jesus Christ. The boys enjoyed looking at the full sized statues. Little C said "I've never seen Jesus, but I know that he loves me" He's 3. Yesterday, the day after visiting the gardens B said to me as we were reading scriptures before bed "Jesus Loves Me!" Those boys are awesome. And yes, Jesus does love them.
 We stopped by the secret garden.......which is always the highlight of any trip to the gardens......
 ........mostly because of.......
 ......the water! 

 My Mom told me she always takes a picture of the angel in the secret garden, and I thought I would like to take one too.
 J designated himself the door keeper of the secret garden.

 I caught him telling people which doors they had to use to get in and out, and closing the doors, I distracted him by taking some pictures of him with his most favorite door.
 And if Brother gets a picture than B wants one too.
I love those boys.

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