Wednesday, May 1, 2013


We took Ken to Cabella's! He had the camera- so he's not in any of the pictures.
First we saw the fish, then we found the fudge. The fudge cost $3.50 per 1/4 pound, but you can have as many free samples as you want. I'm pretty sure Ken ate $3.50 worth of fudge, maybe more.

Then we found the Moose chair.
 When he walked in the store he went straight to the greeter, who to the surprise of us all, didn't hand J a bunch of tokens, so we just pretended to fire the guns.
 Then we acted like monkeys for a while......
 ....and when we got tired we found a nice place to take a nap.
Ken is thinking of taking the boys back sometime this week to test my theory on the free gun range tokens, I think on weekdays they don't get too many customers so they hand out free tokens, but on weekends you have to buy the tokens. I also have a feeling Ken is going to fill up on free fudge samples again too.

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