Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day out with Daddy

"The story of how Daddy took care of us while Mommy was at Women's Conference", as told by 5 year old J 

This is a picture of the new library I haven't been at. (This was the first time that the boys had been to the Lehi Library- previously we've used the Salt Lake County Library system. Ken took the boys to a puppet show at the Lehi Library)
And this is a fun place that has popcorn. (Kate- What's going on at the fun place that has popcorn) J-There's nothing fun there, just popcorn, right? And it's Big O Tires and it's SO FUN!!!!
This is me and brother in front of a car. Whose car is this Mom? (K- I don't know. What building are you in front of?) This is my little brother. Let's go to the next one....
This is me and brother inside that place. (K-What's that place called?) J whispers- Mommy what's that place called again? (K- It's called Cabela's)
This is me and brother inside Cabela's, and LOOK we're still inside Cabela's! We're looking at fish, and more fish. Fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy ,fishy, fishy, fishy, every big fish is in the water, today and tomorrow.
(K-What's this?) I don't know.....oh the Tinkins, I mean the tokens, for me and brother.
This is me and brother eating all the popcorn and daddy getting you new pieces (K- What pieces?) The pieces for your car. (Ken took the boys to the Subaru dealership and ordered some tiny parts to fix the inside of the tailgate of my car- Ken is AWESOME)
And this is the train set that was at that place
And this is the DI where we got to play at. (K-Do you like to play at the DI?) Yeah- and we're giving new stuff to the DI. (We've been trying to de-clutter and yesterday the boys tried very hard to go through their toys and decide which they wanted to keep and which they could give to the DI so that other kids could have cool toys too, apparently this made an impression on J )
This is a picture of Beeye, my brother
And this is me, Jared Wheeler.......WRITE MY WHOLE NAME!!!!!
(And with that, he ran away. I asked him if he wanted to say anything else about the pictures or about his day with Daddy......and he said No. So I guess that's it, the story is over. Ken did a great job, these sweet boys of ours sure love their Daddy.)

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