Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Random Sampler

B loves food, especially tomatoes. If they are in reach, he will eat them. 
 J was invited to a princess party, so of course he dressed as a prince!
 I made some cinnamon quick bread, and then I ate it. It was delightful.
 I also made some low calorie chocolate muffins, they were not so delightful.
This picture is a lucky reenactment of something that happened at a birthday party. Ken took the boys over to the party and I arrived about 45 minutes later. B ran up to me with green and brown all over his face and hands. No one else was eating anything and as I was taking him back to the kitchen to wash his face and hand I noticed that there was a beautiful plate of chocolate mint brownies on the table.......close enough to the edge of the table that a two year old could just reach them and there was one missing. He knows what he likes and he gets it, even if it's not time yet.

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