Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Baby Animal Days at the American West Heritage Center

At the beginning of April we drove up the Cache Valley and went to the Baby Animal Days held at the American West Heritage Center (which I will refer to from now on as AWHC, when I lived in Cache Valley it was called the Jensen Historical Farm) We dressed in our Giants gear, because we're cool like that. (and so if one of us got lost we could easily tell people what the lost person was wearing.)
 We didn't expect to be in line for 20 minutes just to pay and be admitted, we were grateful that we had brought our lunch with us.
 We love baby animals but the true reason we made the drive was the train AND the Engineer. Ken's Uncle Paul let the boys know that he is the volunteer engineer at the AWHC and that he and Aunt Diane would be there during Baby Animal Days. It sounded like something that we had to take part in, so Ken took the day off work and we made a little day trip of it.
 The line for the train was also quite long, maybe even a longer wait than the ticket line. But it was well worth it. We got to see the train go by several times, the boys loved it.
 In fact when we found ourselves near the front of the line they figured out that you could still see the train if you looked through the slats of the covered bridge, or maybe it's the train house......either way, when that train came by, their little faces were pressed up against that wall.
 J rode in the caboose of the train and Ken B and I shared a seat in the open air cars. It was quite a ride.
 After the train ride Uncle Paul took a break and helped us find Aunt Diane, she taught us how to make a frontier doll out of scraps of fabric.
 We eventually saw, and J even touched, some baby animals!!!!! Too bad B walked right in front of me as I snapped the picture, but I promise, if you could see through B, you would see J patting this little calf on the head.
 This is about as close as B would get to the animals. I tried to get the boys to feed the calf but that was kind of scary I guess. I have fond memories of visiting the calves at my Grandmother's Brother's farm. I'm not sure why, but I remember trying to get the little cows to suck on my hand. The boys didn't even want to try that.
 The boys took several horse and cart rides.
 And I got to visit a loom that I helped my father build- way back in the late 1990's!!!!!

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Rachel said...

My kids love going to the AWHC too (or better know in our family as the hysterical farm, don't ask me why). We happened to go once when it wasn't baby animal days. There was hardly anyone there and we got to do most of the stuff they have during the festival. Well, at least the stuff that counts to little boys, like riding ponies and the train. Their fall festival is pretty fun too.