Friday, May 11, 2012

"This is a good essersize bike"

Last fall we bought J a bike at a local thrift store- it was $5 but it didn't have training wheels, SURELY we would be able to borrow some. Well, today I tried on the 3rd set of borrowed training wheels. And for the 3rd time we discovered that they were too big for the bike. We've tried everything- we could think of, we made sure that people knew we were looking for the smallest training wheels available, I even altered some with a metal file to see if we could make them shorter. I was about to give up and just buy a brand new bike. But J thought of something else. Who cares if the back tire of your bike doesn't touch the ground.

I love that he loves to "Essersize".

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Rachel said...

Too cute for words. I love that his attitude is "no problem, I will find a way to ride this bike anyhow!"