Monday, January 19, 2009

Babies Big Day!

Hi, its me! Baby J!
Uncle Steve got married on Saturday and I got to party all day long. Mom wanted me to take a nap a couple of times but I said "No, I will miss all the fun" Here are a few of my favorite memories.

Here are my Wheeler Aunts and Uncles. They are all married now, Grandma and Grandpa Wheeler are very happy about that. And it looks like their 8 kids are pretty happy too.
Aren't my Mommy and Daddy Cute! I just love them. They take pretty good care of me, I can tell that they don't really know what they are doing but they try hard, and that is good enough for me. Do you like my mommy's new hair cut? Her dress, necklace and earrings are pretty cute too.
Here are my Dads Brothers, from Youngest- Steve, the Groom at the bottom, to oldest.
My Parents like me a lot, they are always kissing on me, it makes me smile. Can you see my two top teeth? I got them special for the weeding!
Grandpa Wheeler and I spent some special time together, he told me all about Life, the Universe and Everything! I like him because he was wearing a suit with a vest, just like me.

I had a really great day.


Nathan and Sarah said...

Kate your hair looks adorable!!!! You guys look great and it sounds like you are very happy!


angee said...

Cute! Love it from "baby's perspective." I am so happy for Steve! Tell him CONGRATS for me (he'll know me as "Davis).

Rachel said...

Kate! Your new haircut is seriously hot stuff. I LOVE it. And the pic of your little family is so cute. That one's a framer for sure.

Hiccup MeL said...

Hey Baby J, It's good to hear from you. Love your outfit with the tie, and I especially wanted you to make sure to tell your mom that her hair is adorable!!!

Mel C