Thursday, January 29, 2009

A 100th Do-Over

I apparently had a drafted post that never made it to the blog- so this is my 100th Do-Over.
I want to show you why the past 10 months of my life have been so full of Joy. Here are 21 Pictures that for which I am Grateful.

He is the best Birthday Present I have ever received- even though he was 11 hours to late for my birthday party.

I am grateful for a Teeny Tiny Baby Boy..... Who makes funny faces, puts his hand to his face like he is on the phone and already has an affinity for Baseball (you can kind of see it there on the blanket.)

April, I am grateful for a boy who has a good right hook! and plenty of loving, soft and cuddly friends.

I am grateful for May! That is when Baby first Smiled at me.

May is also when I got really tired of the blowouts and decided that the baby didn't need clothes.

June is when the eczema got really really bad, I am grateful for Topical Steroids

And for more and more really big, gummy smiles.
August brought plenty to be thankful for.

Cuddles, cuddles and more cuddles.

And Babies first Solid Food.

September, I am grateful that my baby is so full of love, even if his first girlfriend was the lizard on his play saucer.

September was also full of Squeals of Joy!

In October, Baby got Stuck. Between a Toy, and a Soft place.

And he decided that noses were yummy.

October made me grateful for sleep.

And, eternally grateful, for beautiful, loving eyes.

November gave me my sidekick, I am grateful to have been followed around- ALL DAY LONG.
And to have discovered the joy of a Toy Bin, sometimes mommy needs a little time by herself.

December, The Baby thought that everything was his toy bin- either that or he was becoming a really good purse thief, we may never know.

I am grateful for My Babies First Christmas- and he is grateful for his very first, very own, Remote Control.
It is now January, I am grateful for Laundry Baskets too- they are not just to sit in you know.

Froggy pajamas and a bucket, What more could a boy ask for?

In less than two months it will be my birthday again............
.......I wonder what I am going to get this year.


angee said...

Okay, too cute!!! So fun to see the journey!

And just think, there's so much more to come!!

Christy said...

Well, no matter what you get this can't beat last years present!!!...or could it?