Thursday, January 29, 2009

The 100th Smile

So this is my 100th post- Maybe for the 200th I will come up with something really fun to share, but today I have something special to share. My Babies Smile.

Today is recovery day 2, and it has gone pretty well so far. He woke up needing some Ibuprofen around 4 am, and then needed some help getting back to sleep about an hour after that, (He has remembered that he likes to stand up in his crib, but is having a harder time sitting back down). But all in all he slept 12 hours with only two very very short wake ups. Maybe tonight we will all get to sleep all night! Today he has not acted like he is having much discomfort at all, which is amazing because his surgery site looks amazingly painful and very uncomfortable.

But the Smile says it all. He is happy, he doesn't hold anything against us for giving him to strangers with knives.

I am grateful to have this blogging outlet- sometimes it is really nice just to say what is on my mind, and it has been amazing to see how many people actually care and appreciate what is on my mind.

So here is to you all at the end of Toast to my 100th Post, Thank you, You are amazing and wonderful and fun- Even those of you who I have never met! May your day be wonderful and your life be blessed.


The Shumways said...

How excting to be on your 100th post! We're so glad to hear that Jared is recovering pretty well. We love to see his smiles! You have one cute boy there! He will remain in our prayers as the recovery continues.

emily and nate said...

He is so darn cute! I found your blog through Angee's and hope you don't mind me taking a peek!!! Very cute!!!

Shanna said...

I found your blog on the Duvall's list. I hope you don't mind. So good to see he's doing good and back to his happy self for teh most part. :)

Michelle said...

He's grown up so much since I last saw him! So cute!!

I hope that he keeps healing well.

(I found your blog from the comment you left on the Shoell's blog.)