Monday, April 2, 2012

What Kate Wants and What Kate Needs.....

Over the past weekend I've thought a lot about my wants and needs. I wasn't thinking about new furniture or a new car, I was thinking about little everyday kinds of things.

I need food, but all the food I want is not necessarily needed, I didn't need those cookies I just ate. 

I need a clean home, but I want a home so much cleaner than I seem to be able to get it. So do I need a housekeeper? No, that would most definitely be a want. Do I need a home as clean as I think I do? I don't think my home is currently a health hazard. Yes, every once and a while I find a very old shriveled apple core under the couch- but hey that means I clean under my couch every once and a while, right? Right! 

I need to exercise, basically because I ate those cookies. I want to be able to run, run really far. I want to be able to push myself again and accomplish the goals I set for myself. I want to feel the exhilaration of the runner's high, but do I need it, probably not.

I need to live within my means, but I want to live below my means and save money now so we can be better prepared for the future. 

I need to feel good. I want to feel healthy, to feel rested, to not feel tired and run down all the time.

I need to create something every few days. I want to make lots of things all the time, everyday! That would probably not be very helpful when it came to living within my means.

I need. I need lots of things. I want so many more things.My needs and wants are not that unusual. I think the days that I am down on myself it is because I am focusing on the way I want things to be. When I can see that I pretty much have the things I need, even though I may not have things exactly how I would want them, I am happy.

I actually am feeling pretty happy these days. I was starting to feel very bogged down. I am thinking this feeling is common for me in the spring. In fact it's probably pretty much always right around the time that we spring forward- stupid springing forward. Last week I decided that I just needed a change- I needed to just start over. And so I rearranged the living room. It helped. I've been able to keep the living room pretty much clean since then. I've also been able to do a little more than usual in the kitchen.That's right, I mopped! Take that cheap vinyl flooring! HA! 

And I've started to find ways to fulfill my need to create that don't cut too much into the budget, both budgets, my household budget and my caloric budget too. Creating memories- like reading with little B- he really likes to read. Or going to the park with J- he loves the park. I am also hoping to teach myself how to bake bread, really yummy bread. It is my hope that if I can "create" yummy honey wheat bread, that I will be less likely to "create" yummy triple threat chocolate fudge peanut butter cookies. I have two wood projects to paint and decorate, I really can't express how excited it makes me to make things. I hope to be able to focus my energy on making things that bring lasting joy, lasting memories.

Wood Projects kind of like this-Ken's boss gave us this LOVE a little over a year ago.I am going to make a  FAMILY for our family room, and an Owl , the Owl only cost $2.50 and I had a 25% coupon for the FAMILY:)
Those are the thoughts that have been going through my head. There's more than that really. I need and want  to be a good neighbor, a wonderful Wife and Mother and, of course, an amazing Daughter and Sister. I feel a lot of the time that I fall short in these areas. But I'm human, I'm imperfect, I recognize that.

I also want to grow closer to God. I heard someone talking about prayer last week and how you can improve your personal prayers by picturing yourself actually standing in front of God. I had never really thought of that before. When I heard that, my first thought was "Wow, my prayers really are more like a quick voice mail than a conversation" and I want to talk to God, so why not act as if I truly believe that he is listening. Because I know he hears my prayers. So I've been trying to do that. It feels good. I need that. I think we all do. Just like I need to be with my family, I need to be close to my God.

Well, It's time for bed. (see need to feel good, being well rested seems to play a big roll in that need) and so I must be off. I hope you've enjoyed this glimpse into my head. And if you have any tips on making good bread- send them my way.....I'm starting this week. 

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Kristen said...

Oh. I loved this! I needed this. Thank you! I feel the same way about creating. We are here to create. There are so many ways to do that, like reading to our kids like you mentioned that. I agree that crafts can get expensive, plus our houses eventually get too full of them! And I'm excited that my kids are getting bigger and hungrier, so they can help me eat the things I like to make. You do amazing things and need to be happy with who you are. I love what you said about prayer too. I'm so happy I looked at your blog tonight, thank you! I'd love to share my bread recipe. Let me know if you'd like it.