Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Need a book to read?

Today, #1 on that list is "The Wretched of Muirwood" by Jeff Wheeler. 

If you follow this link you will be shown "Amazon Top Rated: best Children's Science Fiction & Fantasy"

The Wretched of Muirwood
images taken from I may have stolen-please forgive me!
I am a very lucky girl, because Jeff Wheeler is my brother in law. When I married his brother, Ken, I was given Jeff as a gift! My very own fiction writer! After I finished reading the third and final book in the Muirwood series I wrote to Jeff and told him that I was pretty sure that he had been blessed with this gift, his ability to craft amazing stories and create new worlds, so that he could entertain me! But I was more than entertained, I was uplifted, I was enthralled at times. Yes, I did stay up late reading these books, just like I did with Harry Potter- I just couldn't stop!

So, I now understand that keeping Jeff's talent to myself  was very selfish of me, and I want to share my Jeff Wheeler with You! It's top rated- and if you have an E-reader you can get the whole series for $6.97. Or you can buy the paperback additions OR you can borrow my copies. Anyway you want to go about it, you pretty much NEED to read these books. :) Just thought you should know. And remember, I'm being nice and sharing, I figure if I am going to try to make J share, I should share too. You are welcome :)
The Blight of MuirwoodThe Scourge of Muirwood

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