Monday, April 30, 2012

The Breakfast Chef

The boys have been sharing a room for the past few days. This morning B started whining and crying at about 5:30. It's not normal for this to happen- B usually sleeps pretty well, but I figured there would be times when both boys would have troubles sleeping and so I decided that J needed to learn how to get used to his brother crying, and I didn't rush in to save either boy. Ken heard J talking to B and trying to calm him down and/or entertain him, and we were both impressed with how great of a brother J is becoming. Then at about 6:30 J jumped through my open bedroom doorway and shouted "Surprise!" He came over to me and we had a chat. 

"Mommy, Baby was crying, he was calling you!" 
" I heard him crying, why was he crying?"
 "Because I got in his crib" 
"Was he asleep when you climbed in?" 
"Yeah, He was sleeping and I got in his crib and he cried. I tried to make him happy but he just cried"
 "So, maybe tomorrow, if brother is sleeping, you shouldn't climb into his crib?" 
"Yeah, maybe........Oh! I make Breakfast!" 

J made breakfast for the family on Saturday, he got out 4 bowls and poured cereal in to each one. I figured this was the kind of breakfast he was making and so I let him do it while I finished reading my scriptures. A few minutes later I walked into the kitchen and saw J standing at the counter......with a knife......and the Nutella........."I make Sandwiches!" And he had, two hamburger buns, very well filled with Nutella.

And apparently, they were good.
 B eventually at his bread, but he did eat the Nutella center of his sandwich first.

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