Friday, March 30, 2012

New Towel Rack

I love my house- but there are a few things I will definitely be looking for in our next home. Storage of all kinds is very high on my list. We have 1 very small closet that is used for board game storage and towel and linen storage as well. Our bathrooms are also quite small. A friend of mine showed me a picture of a wine rack used as a towel holder and I knew I could definitely use something like that. Problem is, wine racks are kind of expensive, more than I could spend. So I just kind of put it on my list of things I would do if I could.

Then 2 days ago I had the thought that I should ask on Facebook if anyone happened to have a wine rack they didn't want anymore......and LO AND of my neighbors did! Check It Out! 
Now I just need to put up some pictures  (you know those ones I took in Yosemite back in 2006 right after we bought the house that I said I was going to put in the bathroom because wouldn't it be hilarious to have waterfall pictures in the bathroom.....yeah, those ones) and 6 years after moving in I will have finished decorating the guest bath! YES!

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