Friday, March 30, 2012

10 minutes at the Duck Pond

Yesterday J was scheduled to go on a field trip to a farm, but his teacher got sick, so I decided that we would go feed some ducks. A neighbor told us about a pond not too far from our house and we grabbed our bag of bread pieces ( left over from the teddy bear picnic) and just a few minutes later we were there. 
Little B immediately Swan Dived into the lake- it was muddy and yucky and he was SO MAD at me for pulling him out. No, I didn't get a picture of him in the pond because he was on his belly in 6-8 inches of water and he was working really hard to keep his face out of the water. I, for once, was a good mommy and just stepped into the water and grabbed him. Then I took pictures of him all wet. Diapers can soak up an amazing amount of yucky lake water too, it was gross. I stripped him down for the ride home.
Soon we had lots of friends. Ducks, Geese and this Swan.
The swan was very brave, in fact I didn't get too many pictures because the swan came up right next to us and tried to eat my baby........., several times. Stupid Swan, little B is not made of bread. I pretty much sat there yelling at the swan and trying to throw pieces of bread farther and farther away from my delectable little B.
So, we spent about 10 minutes at the duck pond. We will return, next time  B will be on a leash. Maybe we will stay for 15 minutes the next time. All in all, it was pretty fun. I mean, I've never had to protect my babies from a rouge swan I know I'm pretty good at it.

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