Wednesday, March 21, 2012

4! the love of J

My little Baby is 4! WHAT? Yes, he is 4 years old and we love him so much. Here are some pictures from his birthday. What happens when you get too close to the beaters after Mom makes Black frosting?
You get black frosting on your head. What does your tong look like if you sample a little too much black frosting? Pretty much like mine.
Little B got in on the yummy black frosting eating as well.
Why did we need black frosting- Because J has been asking for a Polar Bear Cake- and I decided to practice. The real Polar Bear Cake- 2 layers and coconut flavored- will be made on Saturday for Sunday Consumption!
I made these little cuties for J's preschool, yes there were plenty of leftovers for little B (and several other family members who will remain unnamed) to swipe and eat.
This is J's polar bear "Frosty" who is the inspiration for our cakes/cupcakes/
J got to take a trip to the Dollar Store with his Daddy and he also got to pick what we would have for dinner. He chose that we would go to "Old McDonalds" for dinner, or more importantly, for Play!
And boy did we have fun playing. Our local McD's has quite the play place- they even have an area specifically for the 3 and under crowd.
Fun was had by all!

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