Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Well, you may have noticed, I've been a teeny bit of a slacker when it's come to blogging. To make up for this mistake, I will now present you with some of my favorite moments from the first few weeks of January (I need to find the Christmas pictures. So Christmas will have to wait, for now)
He's my Helper- he sometimes sits on the door of the dishwasher (he gets shewed off quickly - and I only took pictures this one time) and he knows EXACTLY where the silverware goes!
 He gets rewarded with Chocolate Chip Cookies too.
 I went out of town for a couple of days and when I returned  there was photographic proof that our children had been fed!
 There was also proof that our youngest, is in fact........A Vampire! A very cute one at that.
 We had a little visitor- She is Practically Perfect in every way! So sweet, talking in complete sentences "This  is a Toilet!" (or was it potty...can't remember, but I was amazed at how verbal little girls are) And she also does silly little things that keep her from being taken right back to heaven- like putting potty's on her head (don't worry- it's clean)
 Wearing Underwear hats and  talking on Shoe phones. 
 Her cousin J couldn't help but follow her example.
 Here's something I talked about on facebook- If you don't know where your long stay lipstick is.....just wait until "Quiet Time" and your almost 4 year old will quietly play with it. ALSO, I learned how to get long lasting lipstick off very easily- Eye Makeup Remover! 
 And here is where they were all being Monkeys and Jumping on the bed. It was 10 good minutes of fun, and I didn't even have to call the doctor when it was over.

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