Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kate's Big Trip

So I attended my first Premier Designs Rally. It was in Ontario California. Alecia and I were going to drive down (because flights into Ontario cost $350+ and gas would cost $240- or $120 each) But a week or so before Ken's coworker let us know about a Sale that Jet Blue was running. We were able to get round trip tickets into Long Beach for $119.60! But Long Beach is 45 miles away from Ontario- so we rented an economy car......What, they were out of economy cars......check out our ride! A Cherry Red Mustang! 
Alecia and I had w fabulous 2 days at Rally, we were inspired to set some pretty big goals for ourselves. We danced, We sang, We hoped to win prizes (we didn't win, guess other people needed those prizes more) and we learned that people don't know how to use cameras with zoom anymore, (AND that Kate has a wicked awesome picture face! Seriously, I am glad no one slapped me on my back!)
Then we drove our Sweet Mustang back to Long Beach and flew home. The Flight home was just as much fun as the Rally, we met lots of fun people and talked and talked and talked, and apparently we talked loud because as we were waiting for the Shuttle a couple said "So you two sell Jewelry?" and so of course we talked with them too!
I climbed into bed at Midnight, still super excited and happy with my Rally Experience. More on that later. I have to do my chores now.

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Scarlett said...

Yay for updates! Looks like you had a blast on your lil' trip! Love the mustang!