Monday, August 8, 2011

Trains! Light Rail that is....

Last Wednesday I took J and B into West Jordan and we rode the newest Trax line in the county, the Mid Jordan line, with Grandma Turner and Cousin CJ and Q. It was lots of fun, we had Lunch at the end of the line, we discovered that some of the train exits are not good for strollers, while others have special ramps... unfortunately we discovered this the hard way, no one was injured during our discovery process.

I am always amazed how excited I tend to look in pictures. I wonder if there is a "How to look casual in Pictures" class that I should take. Don't you love B's foot?
Here is my J, enjoying the view.
J, CJ, and Q. CJ wasn't too sure that he felt safe sitting with the two older boys.
I think Q took this picture for us.
When we got to the end of the line we also discovered Where the Sidewalk Ends! Grandma made the discovery actually. Since I have always loved the book I figured I would get a picture of the actual location. J, having never read the book, didn't understand the need for excitement.
At the West Jordan City Center stop we visited with some Firemen. J likes Firemen, and Yes, he did ask "where Fireman Sam?"
We had fun on the Mid Jordan line, and it only cost us a can of food to ride!

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