Monday, August 22, 2011

To Fast!

These pictures were too cute not to post. Here is my Baby B, all grown up and looking like a man. They grow to fast! I am 99% sure that B is teething (he has been teething for months, they are coming REALLY SLOW) He must be getting all his teeth at once, and he really doesn't like it. But he puts on a good happy face! He got his first tooth at 11 months, in the past two weeks or so he has added 3 more. Last night I got to hold my B in the middle of the night (right aroudn the time the Baby Orajel wore off), there is not much sweeter than a sweet baby letting you know that you are their favorite form of comfort. 
B is obsessed with the Sacrament! At church he copies what is done as the Sacrament is prepared and passed to the church congregation. Yesterday after lunch J saw a loaf of bread on the counter and quickly grabbed it, proclaiming happily "Oh, My Sacrament Bread!" Then he gathered up a few of his leftover lunch items and went in the front room. A few minutes later he called to me, telling me he needed me. He was kneeling next to the piano bench. I took this picture and he stood up. When I sat down, he told me that he was ready for the sacrament, and he knelt down and said a prayer, then he gave me some of what he had prepared, he did a very good job tearing a piece of bread into small pieced, but he also had multicolored gold fish crackers and chunks of cheddar cheese. You use what is available, I guess.
This morning he played sacrament again, this time there were no gold fish and no cheese, but there was a cup of water. I love these boys of mine. I am so glad that I get to be with them and teach them and watch them grow. I hope they don't out grow me!

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