Monday, August 22, 2011

The South Valley Half Marathon

On Saturday I ran my first half marathon. I knew it started in a canyon and ended roughly 13 miles away from the canyon AND I hoped it was mostly downhill. Well, the first 3 miles were down hill then the next two miles were pretty flat...but then there were 3 miles of up hill running...I must admit I walked a little more through this part than I had anticipated, basically because I had not anticipated 3 miles of hills. All in all though I think I did pretty good for my very first half marathon. I finished in 2 hours 34 minutes (according to my watch) and when I crossed the finish-line these cute little guys were waiting for me! Ken too! Baby B almost jumped out of his stroller he was so excited to see me, which made me very happy.
Look, I'm moving so fast that I'm blurry! Blurry and Tired!
My Sister Laurie and her husband Brent also ran the race, I was glad to have them there, even though we all ran at our own pace, I knew that I had friends out on the course.
When I sat down in January and decided that I wanted to run a half marathon it seemed like a huge goal, and it was. I am very pleased that I was able to complete it, I worked hard, I paced my training and tried my best to avoid injury. It wasn't easy, in fact while I was running (or walking) up those hills I decided that my decision to run another half marathon in 3 weeks was not a very good one. Maybe in a couple of years, when my body is more used the the punishment, and maybe if one of the half's is an easy one. Laurie told me that she would consider the South Valley Half Marathon to be a Medium Hard course, and you know what, I did it, and I am happy and now I am going to take it easy for a couple of weeks and let my body recover. Then maybe I will run another one later in the fall.

I have a 10k scheduled for October 8th- and I am hoping to run in the Human Race again on Thanksgiving- maybe I will do the 10k there as well (I like to burn a good amount of calories on Thanksgiving :)  ).

I will tell you this, I am pretty darn sure that I will not be moving on to Marathons. At least for now, I am only Half Crazy.

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Kristen said...

You're so amazing! Way to go!