Monday, August 8, 2011

One of these things is not like the others......

That's right, SOMEONE in our family wasn't born in March! And that person, my little baby B turned ONE last week. On his birthday we wrapped up a few of his presents, I caught B and J in my room a little later in the day, J was unwrapping a present. I asked "Are you unwrapping your brother's birthday presents?" J quickly answered "No, I showing baby how open presents!" 
Eventually B was allowed to open his own presents, and what were his favorites?

The SIPPY CUPS! Who knew?
On Sundays we usually have a big family dinner at my parents house, and on birthday weeks we also have cake, ice cream and presents. I like birthdays and I am enjoying making birthday cakes for kids. For Baby B I decided to make a Panda Cake- similar to the lion cake for J, only with Oreo ears and eyes, I crushed up Oreo's to use around the side and to make the nose and mouth (because I couldn't find black frosting at the store- weird)
Baby B got to watch as I made his cake.
I think it turned out pretty cute, especially if you consider that I had no instructions.
On of my nieces got really sick, so family dinner and thus the birthday party was cancelled, but we made due. Cousin A and her parents Steve and Melissa came over to our house, we had a couple of presents and then ate our Panda Cake! B was pretty excited.
See, he squealed!
We gave him his very own piece ( I didn't want to make a separate cake for to destroy- I'm still kind of tired and lazy form being sick) He went to town and devoured his cake, frosting first.
Here he is, worshiping his cake.
Seriously, could he be cuter?
Lots of cake made it into his mouth, but lots of cake was also rubbed all over his body. He made the very best of his very first cake experience. He even had some in the hair on the back of his head.
So we will call this Practice, and maybe next Sunday my sister Carrie will make him another cake and he can show off his new found cake eating skills for the rest of the family.

Happy Birthday to my sweet Baby B, I love you so much. His doctors appointment is coming up this Friday, so stay tuned for Stats and other fun facts about B.

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