Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday, As much fun as any other day......

So, we have been having a pretty good day around here. I can't stop taking pictures, so I figured I would share them with you. Here is J eating part of his breakfast. He calls it Honeydew, but he calls all melons honeydew. I had a cup of cantaloupe with my breakfast.......
....J had the rest of the the melon. Notice the baby in this picture. I think he is thinking about how someday, he will get to eat copious amounts of melon too.
After breakfast J played some sesame street, I did the dishes and baby B had some tummy time. He is actually starting to like tummy time. He rolls from back to belly, and then from belly to back when he wants. He plays with toys and he also practices proper sky diving body positioning. It's pretty cute, he pulls his legs off the ground and lifts his hands up off the ground and titters happily on his belly. He also smiles a lot if you lay down on the floor and play with him.
The Babies morning nap was long enough for me to run 3 miles! It was very nice. I didn't get to stretch until after nap time though, which wasn't too horrible because it meant that I had this sweet little face to stare at as I stretched.
If I turned the other way I could look at this guy.
Then after I was all done stretching J and his friend "Baby Doggy" showed me how downward facing dog is really done.
So that has been our morning. It has been pretty great. Now everyone has been fed lunch, Baby B is down for his second nap, J is in the tub (he asked to take a bath and since my plan is to take one myself when he goes down for his nap in 30 min, I couldn't deny him), and I am thinking I just might be able to finish cleaning the house before Ken gets home. Yeah, It's been a pretty great day.

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Robins Family said...

Ha ha! Downward facing dog- hilarious!
It's funny you write this- I am having a blase kind of Tuesday. Oh, well, you win some and lose some.