Monday, March 21, 2011

3 Years Old!

Here it is, the Yellow Lion Cake! It was much anticipated. We saw an amazingly cute lion cake that a very talented friend made for her little boy a couple of weeks ago, and since then J has been talking about his Yellow Lion Cake. At least once a day he would remind me that I needed to make a Yellow Lion Cake and then with great joy he would add "I help You!" and run into the kitchen. Well, On Sunday, he finally got his wish.
And this is what he looked like when he first saw it. See how happy he is! As I type he is sitting on my lap, and he is asking me to make a yellow lion cake. Considering that he only ate the frosting, I really could frost a plate for him and he would be happy, maybe I will make him another yellow lion cake, who knows?
The moment came, we sang Happy Birthday and J blew out his candle ( I was too lazy to put on more and I really didn't know where to stick them, one of my nieces told me that she was confused by the single candle, she thought J was 3 but now she realized that he was only 1)

Today we went to see the doctor, J is in the 82nd percentile for weight @ 35 pounds and the 81st for height at 38.75 inches tall. He is pretty much your average little boy. He talks all the time, I told the doctor that I felt like I only understood about 50% of what J says, he told me two things- 1- I am probably underestimating that percentage and as the day has progressed and I have paid VERY close attention to my little conversations with J I think I did underestimate it. The 2nd thing the doctor told me was that I should consider having J tested by the school district, even if am understanding 75% or more of what he says (75% is the goal for 3 years old) If they think he could use some extra help they might be willing to subsidize some preschool- and hey, can't beat that. So we will check into that.

Here are some of J's favorite things.
Favorite Color- Yeyo! (although, just now he said Lion Cake was his favorite color)
Favorite Shape- Ocagon! (don't ask where he learned about Octagons, I still have no idea, he does know they have 8 sides though- Super Smart!)
Favorite Animal- Baby Doggie (his My Pal Scout toy)
Favorite Song- Happy Know (if your happy and you know it), Lead me Guide me (I am a child of God) is a close second
Favorite Thing to Say- "I help You!"
Favorite Movie- Buzz! you may know it as "Toy Story"

J is an Amazing Boy, I love him so much, it is really really hard for me to believe that my little baby has grown up so much. He is such a good boy, he has his moments, but all in all he is an amazingly sweet and loving son and brother. I am so glad he is mine.

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Kristen said...

LOVE it! Your lion turned out so good!!! Great job, what a happy little boy.

Assuming I'm the talented friend =o), I'm honored that you wanted to do the same thing! It really looks so good! I think the only difference between yours and mine is that my frosting was stiffer for the mane and face. I use the Wilton frosting recipe because it holds up really well - doesn't move or lose shape at all. (I think that makes sense?) But I assure you that your handwork was just as good as mine! And even better for your little guy because Mom made it. I don't have any training - I just love trying to come up with fun ideas to delight my kids. You should be super proud. I can't wait to see your next creation. =o) Maybe next time I'll borrow your idea!