Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bean Museum

This weekend we took a trip to the Bean Museum at BYU. I have never been down there, so when the opportunity came to spend some time there with the John and Tiff Wheeler family, I took it!
Once inside J discovered the joy of running around inside a museum, he also discovered that he can control elevators. At one point while enjoying the basement of the museum he learned that they actually have LIVE animals there. We got to see an Iguana take a bath!

"I just don't understand why this Moose keeps following me around..........and why does he keeps asking me for a muffin?"
What a nice lion we found, he was so kind and gentle, until he tried to eat my baby!
I think that J's favorite animal is a Lion, so even though this one tried to eat Baby B, we let J meet him and take a picture with him too. J didn't understand that the ropes around the animals meant "Don't go inside or touch the animals" We had the privilege of grabbing him, as he tried to get a little to close, several times.
J also put on his own little show during the reptile show that we watched while we were there. He is a big boy now and big boys don't sit on Mom's lap- without screaming- so he used his freedom to wander up the the front of the show and touch all the props while the presenter was looking the other way. He has no fear.

All in all it was a pretty fun trip to the Museum.

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