Thursday, March 17, 2011


My boys suffer from what I like to call "Turner Short Leg Syndrome" They will be tall men, but they will have short legs and super long torsos. This is not bad, I hear it is great for swimming and I think swimming would be a great sport for my boys as they are much less likely to get tackled and bleed internally while swimming....I think....but that is another story. So, anyway, My boys have short legs and it has been very easy for me to let them wear pants that are technically one size too small, because their little legs fit those pants. I have been dreading the day when these cute little overalls would have to go into the bin of small clothes, I was prepared for the day that Baby B's torso would grow out of them. But to my surprise, when I put them on this morning, it wasn't the baby's torso that had stretched......
It was his legs. He was wearing Capri's. I hear Men wear Capri's now, totally normal, right?.
So some how, when I wasn't looking, my baby stretched. I moved my little 7 month old into 12 month tops and outfits about a month ago, but I held onto some of my favorite 9 month pants. Luckily there are boys born every day, one of them will enjoy those pants too.

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Kristen said...

We have this problem a lot with our boys! We're a leggy family. Nicole started with short little legs but now she's tall for all her dresses. It looks like your third threw you for a loop! =o)