Friday, September 17, 2010

Mom's Team

Okay, so I don't quite have enough for a baseball team....yet.... chances are I won't get my own baseball team, but I can tell you this much, these boys are on MY TEAM and I love them. Even if they couldn't quite sit in normal positions or make cute faces for this picture.
J loves his baby brother B, he wants to help him, hold him, be near him and basically teach him all he needs to know to be a good boy, this is a picture of a rare moment when the baby was not distressed by J's presence. In fact J got him to smile a few times during this encounter. I loved it.
On Wednesday, Ken sent me off to a Relief Society meeting and he kept the boys, I noticed this new picture on the camera when I got back, they must have been good for their Daddy.
Since I came home from the hospital J has been OBSESSED with the new "Feminine" items in the master bathroom. He seems to think they have super powers, like Wonder Woman's bracelets, and he tries to wear them. He has also discovered that these coveted items are sometimes found in the diaper-bag, which recently lead to an interesting moment at the Office Max- do you try to explain to strangers why your son has pantie liners stuck to his arms?
Those are my boys, I love them, I am pretty sure they love me. We are doing pretty well. The baby and I figured out a few things and yesterday's and this mornings naps went pretty well, lets hope it continues that way, AND that he starts sleeping a little longer at night too!


DC Roses said...

Keep up the good work Kate! I have gotten to see you in action and know you are a great mommy who loves and cares for her family. I hope you can take care of you too. Take care Kate, and know I think you're the greatest!

Scarlett said...

Such cute pics! Your boys are adorable!