Thursday, September 30, 2010

8 Weeks Old

I think the best part about an 8 week old is the reliability of their "Social Smiles". Baby B smiled at me the first time (a real, "Yes Mom, I'm Looking at You" kind of smile) when he was 5 weeks old. But I could not always elicit a smile from him then. Now that he is 3 weeks older, and so much more mature, all I really have to do is Coo at him and I get some of the sweetest toothless smiles I have ever seen. Here is proof!
Baby B, had his 8 week doctors appointment yesterday, He was declared amazingly cute! The doctor even picked him up and hugged him for a while after she made him cry.

Here are his current stats-

Height- 22 1/4 inches- 28th Percentile (I have never had a short child before- it's odd- I am going to measure him in 3 weeks and see if he has grown)

Weight- 12 # 2 oz.- 69th Percentile (J was 1/2 pound more)

Head- a little over 38 cm- 15th Percentile (once again, like J, not big headed)

Should we see another smile? YES!
We love our Baby B, he is very sweet and he is learning and growing and making cute noises. Big Brother J really loves him too, in fact today he tried to give Baby B his blanket "Ditda" unfortunately Baby B was eating at the time and didn't really understand why J kept throwing a blanket at him, in fact it kind of annoyed him, but that annoyance was quickly overshadowed by Baby B's annoyance at J's attempts to help him burp. Brotherly Love, they well figure it out soon.

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Janaca said...

Those are some cute smiles! Such a fun time when they start really responding.