Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Life as we now know it....

Baby B is almost 6 weeks old, he weighs round 10 pounds and he LOVES to eat, which is probably why he is smiling in this picture, because he had just woken up, had just had his diaper changed and we all know what that means....well, if your also hungry it means....that food is soon on the way. I also like to think that he LOVES me, and that is the real reason he was smiling at me- smiling so sweetly for so long that I was able to get a picture.Little J has discovered that there are times that he is less supervised than he has previously been, he seems to think that this means he is an adult and should take care of himself. The other day I came out of the nursery to find J hiding in my pantry. I asked what he was doing and he said "Apple Juice".
I opened the pantry to find him scooping rice into the pitcher, he had previously put some sugar in there too, it looks like J's recipe for Apple Juice is 2 cups sugar and 2 cups rice.
On Saturday Ken and I went to a show at the Desert Start Theater. It was "My Big Fat Utah Wedding" and it was really funny. The Boys went to Grandma Turners house while we were at the show. I thought it would be fun to dress them alike, since we just happen to have matching outfits.

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Jennifer Hatch said...

Super cute little outfits. :) I'm glad you guys got to go out and have some fun!