Thursday, July 2, 2009

Blah de Dah!

Do you ever just feel kind of blah? Unfortunately I have had a lot of blah days in the past month or so. But I am feeling pretty lucky, because my sweet mind was just reminding me about the non-blah, and at times spectacular moments I have had the past few weeks.

I realize that I had plenty to talk about, but no pictures to go with it, because the camera battery died and then we realized that we left the charger in Idaho......only to discover that Ken's Brother and his family had gone on Vacation for a week......and so we had no way to take or show pictures of our lives.

so here is a synopsis of the happy things I have been thinking of...

1- We went to Bear Lake. It was a quick trip, Thursday to Saturday. I was a little worried because it was our first time using our Worldmark Vacation Club Membership. I had been to Bear Lake Timeshare Condos before and I wasn't too impressed. I wanted to have a wonderful time, to stay in a beautiful condo, basically I wanted proof that the investment we made a few years ago was worth it. AND IT WAS! WOW! I wish, wish, WISH I had pictures. When we checked in they gave us a map of the complex and circled the condo we would be staying in and I was sure that we had a beautiful view of a hill......until we walked in and found a two story condo with a great view of the beautiful blue lake. I almost cried, seriously, it was so much better than I expected. I am seriously excited for our next trip in October, when we are going to spend 6 days in St George. Having a place that feels like home away from home- and even better, it's clean!- is the perfect start to a relaxing getaway.

2- Being the Primary Chorister has been so much fun this month. The song we learned this month was only 1 verse long- "Seek the Lord Early", and it only took Senior Primary one week to learn it, which means we got to Review and Play the rest of the month. We played with the Giant Dice tha I made for Ken to use on Mother's Day when he subbed for me. And this last week I discovered that I was suffering from "Super Star Fever" a very contagious disease. The Kids were more than happy to help me, (the only cure to super star fever is to sing, sing, sing) even though this meant that they were going to end up covered in foil star stickers, just like me.

3- We got to see lots of friends this month, Parties and Plays brought us all together. It is fun to get back in touch with people we wish we could see more often. Facebook is pretty good for this purpose, I don't get to see them, but at least I get to talk to them. Speaking of which, growing up, in Junior High and High School my Best Friend was Angie Ross, her Family moved from San Diego in 1993 and then we moved in 1994, we lost touch completely in 1998, but thanks to Facebook, and her Sister Adrian, I have gotten back in touch with Angie, this made me so so so

4. Ken, he is so patient with me, when I feel blah, I don't feel like doing much, which means that sometimes the dishes don't get done, and dinner shows up a little late, and the front room is pretty much always a mess. But he never ever ever complains, and really praises me way to much when I do actually get things done. Praise is good for me, it makes me want to do more, to do more even better than before. He has also put up with me and my "We must, we must, we must get pregnant" attitude. Thanks Ken.

5. Finally there is this little guy. He is growing up, I am pretty sure he is teething because he gets really cranky sometimes which is quite unusual for him, but he also is growing even more attached to me. He has called me Mama a few times recently, and that alone melts my heart, but on top of that he has a desire to just be near me. If I am reading
or on the computer he will come play near me. He wants to read with me and he will bring me book after book after book. He has recently discovered the large pantry cupboard and he will often bring me pieces of Tupperware or corning ware, he is always so proud to present me with his discoveries. Today he brought me the large Tupperware thatsabowl and its lid, I was proud that he knew the two went together. And then I realized that this is the same bowl I joked about using as his Toboggan last winter.

Here is what he looked like back then....
And this is what he looks like now
I can not even remember why I have felt the blah's, but I am pretty happy to remember these good times.

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