Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Singing Time World Series

(So, we had some neighbors over last Tuesday to watch the MLB All Star Game, and in preparation for the get together, I cleaned the house....or maybe I should tell the truth, I didn't have enough free time to completely clean the house so I boxed up items that didn't seem to have a place and hid them in my room.....and for some reason I thought the cord that connects the camera to the computer needed to go into one of those boxes. Dumb, I know and now I can not find the cord, so until further notice, there will be no pictures on the blog. I am sorry. But life goes on and so I have things I want to share.)

Today I did something really fun in Singing Time. We played Baseball. I had a baseball diamond on the board, 4 paper baseball players, a small ball, 4 buckets/bowls labeled single through home run, and a container full of songs to sing.

I started out by talking about reverence and how being reverent is different during different meetings, and how during Singing Time we are reverent by sitting still and not talking to our neighbors but also by participating and singing the songs the best that we can. I then explained that I would be watching really closely during the songs to see who would be the next "Batter". It worked so amazingly, we have had some really rambunctious kids the past few weeks but today they were so good, they kept their hands to themselves and they sang their hearts out.

So here is how we played, I put the four bowls/buckets in a line on a table, with Single being closest to the kids and Home Run being the farthest away. I would pick a batter and give them 3 tries to get a "Hit" then a little paper baseball player would run the bases. After they got their hit they got to pick a song out of my song container. We kept score as we went along, (Junior Primary got 7 points and they were such a good team, I didn't tell them but the Senior Primary was going to compete against them later in the day.)

Senior Primary was pretty far behind in the point total, it looked like they would never catch up, but then there was a "Singing Error". We were singing "How Firm a Foundation", the children have learned the 1st and 3rd verses and I, for some reason, started singing the second verse. The kids went along with me, none of them complained, but as I had used up a good amount of their precious time making them sing a song that they have not learned, I told them that because of my "Error" two of their players had made it home, this meant that they were tied with Junior Primary.

Well, don't tell the Junior Primary but the Senior Primary won by one point, their last batter actually stole does a paper batter steal a base you ask? It was hard to do, we were out of time when the last batter hit a triple, I told the children that if they sung their very best their player on third just might be able to steal home and win the game. They sang that final song beautifully and so the umpire called their player "Safe at Home".

It was so much fun. I love being the Primary Chorister, when I first was asked to do it I wasn't so sure about it, but I must tell you, I feel such a wonderful spirit each week in primary. I may miss out on gospel centered lessons that cater to Adults, but I do get to sing praises to My Savior and My Heavenly Father for an hour each Sunday and there is not much more uplifting than that. I love it.


Michelle said...

What a cute idea! I started talking about reverence before EACH lesson with my primary class and it has really helped.

Glad you're enjoying it!

Rachel said...

That's such a great idea. If I was the primary chorister, I would totally steal it. But trust me... you do not want to hear me sing!