Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Secret to Happiness

If- You Kiss the Blarney Stone
Then- You will be Happy Forever!
In case you're wondering, I did say "Stop kissing the dirty rock" right before I took this last picture, that is why he stopped kissing it and turned to show his new found happiness.

We recently spent some time at the Children's Discovery Garden at Thanksgiving Point. They have a Huge sculpture of Noah's Ark, it is surrounded by shallow water and the animals spit water at you. Baby J Loves It! We went yesterday and today and we will probably go once a week for the rest of the summer. They also have other fun things to discover, like lots of little pieces of cut wood to stack into towers, a 20 foot long tunnel to crawl through, a bear cave with more tunnels, a Fish pond, and a wooden xylophone. Anyone want to come play?


The Shumways said...

I LOVE the Noah's Ark sculpture at Thanksgiving Point! Fanny and I would very much enjoy coming to play if it wan't so far away!! OK, an hour isn't really that far, and I've always thought it would be fun to take my children there someday, so maybe one day we will...when Fanny starts walking! Glad baby J enjoyed it!!

Rachel said...

Spencer wants to go! Actually, he doesn't know about it yet, but I'm certain that he would really dig it. Let's pick a day and meet up!! Looks like a ton of fun!