Thursday, November 28, 2013

November 21st

Our B was born at 12:52, and I spent 2 and a 1/2 days in the hospital- it was wonderful. This hospital stay was also wonderful (I really enjoy people bringing me food and having a safe place to send my baby when I need a nap :) I know lots of women who want out of the hospital ASAP after having a baby, but I'll stay as long as I can!) but since the baby was born an hour BEFORE midnight instead of and hour AFTER (and possibly because we have different insurance) I had to be discharged within 48 hours, so we headed home on Thursday. Ken came and we spent a couple of "Quiet" hours together.
I always wonder what babies dream about.
Well, eventually, we had to get ready to go. We got dressed.......... all buckled up........
......Picked up the boys at Grandma Turners and we headed home. I love this picture, they love her so much, and are interested in just about everything she does.
Ken got a package from his Mom, a San Francisco Giants Santa hat, can you tell how happy it made him? Amazingly Happy!
Only one other person was allowed to wear Ken's special hat that day, she looked pretty cute in it too.
And that was the 21st.

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