Thursday, November 28, 2013

November 20th

November 20th came FAST- considering that she was born at 11 PM on the 19th, it was the 20th right around the time we arrived on the Maternity Ward. The baby was taken to the nursery a few times during that first night, so that the nurses could do her initial evaluation and so they could give her a bath. Each time they brought her back to me she had a new hat. I like to think that it's because she was the most gorgeous baby they had ever seen and they wanted to make sure that she was properly accessorized. 
Ken came back- as well rested as a new Daddy can be- and spent a few hours with us, first all on his own and then later with the boys.
I usually don't like pictures of myself with my glasses- but I really love this one. I'm a happy girl.
Not sure where her blankets went- BUT it's such a cute picture I couldn't help but post it.
SO- the boys came, and they found just their mommy in the room AND some toys that their sister brought for them. Little B got an Octopus named "Ocho" and J got a crab that he named "Crabby" (lately he's been naming everything with an E sound at the end, "Bearry" " Rabbity", I guessed correctly that "Crabby" would be his name.
Not to long after they arrived and met their present their baby sister returned, they boys were immediately smitten. how could they not be, she's so tiny and sweet!
First J got to hold her. I've said before that J has inherited my "not so natural" picture's proof.
Little B was more interested in watching the local light rail and commuter trains than holding his sister.....
.....but eventually he made his way over to his dad and gave it a good 3 year old try!
After holding their sister they had some fun with the sleeper couch in my room.
Our first family picture- Got to love the boys faces. They were not ready for this.
While we were gone that day a group of neighbors "broke in" to our house and cleaned :) There was not actual breaking and entering- Ken gave them the key. We have amazing neighbors, and we are so very grateful that they wanted to help us out.

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