Thursday, September 19, 2013

Some September "Firsts"

Here is a picture of the first time J showed an interest in a career as a PE Teacher. He dressed himself, pulled up socks and everything. Wow, he is CUTE!
My baby B is not a baby anymore. As we prepared J for kindergarten B started asking about when he would start school. I hadn't registered him for preschool because he wasn't potty trained. I told him that AND I told him that when he was potty trained we would find a preschool for him, or at least get him on a waiting list. Well, guess how kicked it into gear and pretty much potty trained himself in a week. This guy! He then cuddled up to me and said "Mommy, when do I go to school?" so I put out some feelers and I was able to get him registered for a local preschool two days before classes started.  

Here he is, my Big Boy B on his very first day of Preschool. He too loves school.
One of our neighbors is in his class and so we Stroller/Car Pool, B says that she is his Best Friend.
Here is a picture of B's first invention. It's a kind of soft you think it will catch on? 
The other day J asked if we could make frozen chocolate dipped bananas. Being Mom, I was about to say no, when I realized, we had everything we needed to actually make frozen chocolate dipped bananas. SO lucky J had quite a treat and I made my very first frozen chocolate dipped banana. I couldn't resit taking a picture of him after he had eaten it. By the way, frozen chocolate dipped bananas are super easy to make if you happen to have a jar of homemade magic shell just sitting around begging to be used. J actually had 2.
J set up his very first art studio. Every " Natural Artist" needs a studio after all.
And finally, with Ken's new calling as ward mission leader we have been seeing a lot more of the missionaries than we ever did before. And this week we experienced two missionary firsts- 1- we hosted a new member discussion in our home. It was a fabulous experience. And 2- our first missionary transfer. Elder Bennett, from Canada, on the left, has been a missionary serving our stake for about 10 months. He and his Companion Elder Allal, from France, on the right, have been helping Ken acclimate to his new calling. We haven't known them long but we know they are AWESOME! Elder Bennett was transferred to Vernal this week. I don't know Elder Allal's new companions name just yet, but he is from Switzerland and I think he speaks German. I'm sure we'll have a picture of them soon.
Those are some of our firsts from September. I'll be posting an update about my sweet growing baby soon. Maybe even tomorrow! We'll just have to wait and see :)

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