Thursday, September 19, 2013

August! It flew by.....

So, I'm desperately trying to catch up on the blog, so this post is going to be lots of pictures and some brief explanations. You'll forgive me, I'm sure!

This first picture is actually from the very end of July- We sold my car, the 2000 Subaru Outback that we purchased about a month before J was born. See, here's photographic proof- I'm great with my first child!
We named her Bandit way back then and she has served us well. She protected two of our babies and taught them the joy of traveling. Now she is gone. It's been 7 weeks or so since we sold my car.........and yeah, it might be a few weeks more before we announce that we've purchased a Van. Hopefully the Van announcement will come before the announcement of our Baby's birth. One car with 2 boys, I'm learning to deal with, one car with 2 boys and a newborn....I think I would go insane. 

And here's a picture of me, with that same car, plus my First, Second AND (in my belly) Third child :)
Little B turned 3 in August. I made him this cake. It was supposed to look like his giraffe. 
B was a very happy birthday boy.
Also in August we took our yearly trip to Bear Lake to spend a long weekend with 91.6% of the Turner family- one of my sisters and her husband couldn't make it, but other than that, everyone was there! On our way up we stopped at Maddox for dinner. As you can see, B was very happy.
J as well was quite pleased. The boys had kids meals that were served on a Frisbee, which is awesome.
We've finally got the boys trained well enough that they can actually SLEEP while we are at the cabin. Each Sister/Family is allotted one of the rooms there at the cabin, and so most of the children sleep on the floor of their parent's rooms. In the past the boys have had some issues with this arrangement, but this year they did really well. It was magical! And no one got stuck under the bed this year. 
Buying the Buzz Lightyear sleeping bag a year or two ago was a stroke of genius on Ken's part. It makes trips like this totally fun for the boys.
There are two things that absolutely must be done at Bear Lake, 1- you must wade out INTO Bear Lake and 2- you must have a shake or two. I'm not going to post pictures of our shake gluttony, for that would just be unfair to those who have not been blessed to partake of a shake in Bear Lake recently. But here's some pictures of our fun at the lake.

J and I got out pretty far into the water. It was a decent temperature and at one point J was on his tip toes telling me he was just fine, that he could go farther. I didn't agree.
B enjoyed "swimming" yeah, I need to get him in some more swim lessons so he understands what really swimming is like.
The boys made a sand castle, really just a mound of dirt surrounded by a mote, but they had fun making it and that is all that matters, right? Right!
My Mom mentioned that she was interested in renting one of the bike surrey that the KOA there at Bear Lake offers. I've been interested in trying them myself since the first time Ken and I stayed there in Bear Lake when J was just a little guy. So, Mom, Dad, Ken, J, B, Cousin C and I all went down and lucky for us they had a surrey that seated 4 adults and 3 or more kids. It was basically 2 tandem bikes with bench seats and canopy. I thought to myself "I ride my exercise bike 3 times a week, I can totally do this" AND there were 3 other adults there to pedal as well.....we rented the surrey for an hour- we lasted 30 minutes. That was HARD! Most definitely got my workout in that day.

For almost 2 years, Ken and I served as the Stake Young Single Adult Advisor Couple. At the end of August we were released and Ken was called as our Ward Mission Leader. We had the Annual Bowling and Pizza activity all planned, and to help with the transition between us and the new couple in that calling, Ken took J to the activity. They had lots and lots of fun.
I'm not sure if I'm remembering correctly BUT I think J may have beaten Ken in one of the games they played.
And that was most of August. One more thing happened, but it was WAY TOO EXCITING and needed it's very own post!

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