Thursday, September 19, 2013

July 2013- Ryan, our very first exchange Student

In July we had the honor and pleasure of hosting an exchange student. Ryan is what we call him and he was one of seven exchange students who came from Taiwan for a fun filled month in the United States- 3 weeks of which Ryan spent with our family. The students spend about 8 hours a day- Monday through Friday, with their Teacher, Sterling, who lives and teaches in Taiwan but happens to be from American Fork! Here is just a few of the fun things we did while Ryan wasn't in class.We started out with a trip to Wal-Mart! It wasn't mind blowing, but the 5 students we had with us that day found it to be quite interesting and made some pretty interesting purchases. 

After Wal-Mart we treated the students to some Little Caesars Pizza- Yep, we went ALL OUT!
Jared tried really hard, for about five minutes, to learn how to use chop sticks.
On the second Saturday that they were here we took the 6 students who were staying in our neighborhood to Cabela's. Once again, fun was had by all!
We really enjoyed having Ryan with us. If we ever get the chance again, we will most definitely host another exchange student. Our boys loved having their "cousin" here every morning, and for days after he left they would ask where Ryan was.
There is much more I could share, I am sure. BUT I'm kind of a lazy pregnant woman right now......and my memory is going. I may revisit some of these posts later, but for now- know that we had lots of fun when Ryan came to visit :) We miss you Ryan.

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