Thursday, September 19, 2013


How did this happen? How did my baby, that tiny little baby J grow up! I mean, he's 5 and he is now in Kindergarten. I don't know if there has ever been a happier Kindergartner. He rides the bus! Something he has been hoping to do for 2 years or more. I love to watch him do a happy dance as the bus arrives each morning. The bus driver seems to like his dance too. 

Before the first day of school we visited J's new classroom and teacher and she gave him this little person to decorate and turn into a mini version of J. I think it's awesome! Right down to J's "Jingle Bell Necklace" 

We arrived at the bus stop on the first day of school and J was just too cool, as you can see from his "I'm so cool" stance here. I got a couple of pictures and then my camera died!
I followed the school bus to school. I had to, my baby was on that bus I needed to make sure it didn't explode or anything similar to that. I was not the only one either. Also, I didn't cry. I did kind of gasp for air for a few seconds but there was no crying.
Once at the school I, and all the other parents, watched our sweet little babies play on the Kindergarten play ground until the fateful moment came and the kids were asked to line up on their teachers line. J remembered which line was his from when we visited his class during the open house. And just a minute baby was in his classroom.

B and I attended a meeting of Kindergarten parents, where we were given donuts. I didn't eat any donuts, but B had two. About 2 hours later my little big baby boy was dropped off by the bus. He LOVED school then, and he is still loving it to this day- 3 whole weeks into his public school career. Last week I found out that J does have a bit of a time management problem. So we've been working on finishing tasks quickly and moving on to the next task. His teacher told me this week that she is seeing some good improvement. I've been trying hard to express to him that he is a fabulous and smart kid and I'm pretty sure he knows it's true. He's learning that he can do hard things, and that's fun (though sometimes kind of frustrating) to watch. He also has announced that he is "A Natural Artist". He loves PE and Art and Computers and everything else that is Pure Kindergarten (because I don't remember PE or extra Art teachers AND computers were NOT in my school when I went to Kindergarten.) What a wonderful boy I'm blessed to have. I love him oh so very much.

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